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Service Well is a stable and business-related IT partner who ensures that technology makes real benefit. Our consultants are experts in planning, developing and integrating advanced IT solutions within the healthcare sector.

We are a well-knit team of highly experienced people with an ambition of doing great work, and have fun while doing it. Flexibility, innovation and communication is the key to our success. We always focus on cost effective production in close relation with your decisions.

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System integration

Register your data once, use it everywhere. Integration services built on well proven technology makes several systems feel as one!

Business intelligence

Explore your clinical, financial and operational data. Discover insights leading to improved care and reduced costs, thereby delivering higher value to patients

Data migration

Changing software? Use excisting data! Our experienced database experts help you to identify, export, convert and import data.

Health development

Software development involving design, creation and maintenance of information systems for the healthcare industry.

Knowledge is the key!

Knowledge is collected by listening to you. The outcome is a solution delivered by us.
And honestly, if the solution is better provided by another vendor we will
recommend that. By working this way we earn trust and our clients hold on to us.
And of course, when we get the order we deliver with quality!

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